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As Soon as the INAIC Council has approved your new TLD, you are the official registrant of your own new TLD including all the domain names under it
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TLD Fees and Services

The following services are included in the TLD registration fee:

  1. On-Line TLD Registry
    's on-line TLD Registry provides an quick and easy way to check and register TLDs. This service is available to everyone.

  2. Approval
    After acceptance TLD.NAME will submit your TLD Request to the INAIC Council. The INAIC Council is charged with the approval of creation of new TLDs.

  3. Creation
    After your TLD is approved, your TLD will be created in the Public-Root and added to the Inclusive Name Space. All Public-Root Servers in the world have to be modified and will resolve your new TLD.

  4. TLD-Servers
    At least 2 authoritive TLD-Servers need to be appointed to resolve the new TLD.
    Public-Root has 2 TLD-Servers available at no extra charge to park your TLD.

  5. Name-Servers
    Besides 2 TLD-Servers, Public-Root also offers the use of 2 Name-Servers free of charge, if you do not have any DNS Servers available and would like to resolve a few domains.

  6. Exclusive Service
    After and during the registration process, TLD.NAME will guarantee that your TLD will be secured and cannot be registered by someone else.

  7. Global TLD WHOIS
    The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) will maintain a
    global TLD WHOIS database in order to identify all TLD Registrants. Your TLD will be listed in the Global TLD WHOIS.

  8. Legal Rights
    The first who registers a TLD, becomes the official Registrant. TLDs cannot be registered twice. The INAIC guarantees that your TLD will be announced and listed in the Public-Root. Public-Root guarantees resolution to all TLDs listed.

The price to register a TLD including the
unlimited number of domains that belong to it is:
$1000.- only.

All TLDs will be registered in your name and not ours.You will become the exclusive Registrant of the entire TLD including the rights to manage all the millions of Second Level Domains (SLDs) or domain names that belong to it.

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