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Approved & Accredited TLD Registrar by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC)
Do you want to keep your web presence clear and consistent throughout the world? Imagine your company, brand or organization name as a complete web address, like "www.yourname", without the usual .com or country code (.de, .br, .in, etc.). Today, this is possible through the addition of public Top Level Domains (pTLDs) and corporate Top Level Domains (pTLDs) to the Internet.

With a pTLD or cTLD you can create your own Second Level Domains (SLDs). Your Domain Name under these TLDs will be easy to remember and your web sites will be found immediately. No search engines needed. For instance, when they type "www.products.yourname", your products and services page will open. This new Domain Name structure will change Internet navigation profoundly. Are you ready for the second generation Internet? Read more

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Only TLD is not already registered by someone else it is available for registration. ZYZTM is approved & accredited by the INAIC. Only approved & accredited TLD Registrars are authorized to register public Top Level Domains (pTLDs) and corporate Top Level Domains (pTLDs) in the Public-Root.


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